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Caspian Tea Party

Komaaj presents: Caspian Tea Party at Alembique Apothecary.

Join us for a tea party where the samovar boils and the exceptional hand-picked, dried and smoked teas brew slowly for your enjoyment. We will share a few dazzling photographs and videos, as well as this past season's freshly harvested, rare local teas and herbs such as Caspian mountain borage flowers. Explore the taste, color, aroma and benefits of each tea as Home-made Gilani confectionery melt in your mouth. Return home with tips on the best brewing methods and specially-priced unique Caspian teas purveyed exclusively at Alembique.

Tea Menu:

  •  Home dried black tea 
  • Quince and Orange blossom tea 
  • Borage tea 
  • Alembique special tea blend

Sweet and Savory Menu:

  • Komaaj, rice flour and yogurt pastry with orange syrup and rose petals
  • Turmeric bread with carrots and orange peels jam
  • Paneer sabzi, feta cheese, walnut and herbs dip served on sangak bread
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